This is memorial piece of three brave men Alexei Ananenko, Valeri Bezpalov and Boris              Baranov. All three of them dove into Chernobyl's radioactive waters in 1986 to

         prevent the 4th reactor from blowing up which would have killed millions of

          lives and made Europe uninhabitable by radiation. They prevented that from                            happening, very sad to say they died from radiation sickness. I never heard

            of these precious souls until recently and felt spiritually compelled to do a

              painting of all 3 of them. Everyone should know who these 3 selfless great

                men were. Unfortunately I could not locate a photo of Boris Baranov the

                             man in the middle but I wanted to include him regardless. 

                                      Here is the blog where I found out about them.



                           Year: 2015

​          36"X 48" 91.44cm/121.92cm

                   Acrylic on Canvas

Status:  Open to reasonable offers but      only to be displayed in a great public                   area such as museum, etc.

 The Three Who Saved Europe