Now and Another Now



                         Year: 2015 to 2017

                 30"X 48" 76.2cm/121.92cm

                         Acrylic on Canvas     

               Status: Not for sale at this time. 

                         Here lays 21st century humanity at the bottom, enjoying their perceived grand peak of technology, communication, comforts, convenience and overall spiritual evolution. 

Another humanity shown at the top, far, far into the future that has surpassed 2000's evolution and technology in it's entirety, divided by a sea of broken 21st century communication devices. They can communicate together telepathically anywhere on Earth and in the Universe. They have found their true spiritual, universal, connective power within themselves and to the Universe, making governments, corporations, religions, organizations and groups based in fear and egotistical control an entity totally of the past. 

This has also brought an age of world peace, bliss and love. Having the ability to adjust their body temperature to any given environment with their minds has made clothing primitive. This also made sociological and religious views on the naked human body obsolete. On many parts of Earth there are huge balls of energy where one can energetically store their memories as well as their knowledge as well as gain knowledge and memories from another source.

Last but not least they are able to fly due to the overall lightness of their being. Whether this humanity will ever be realized is up to us and the future to decide.

I truly hope it will come to be.