When did you start painting?

I have been drawing and painting since I was 10 years old. I have only truly started my series of universal and spiritually themed paintings since May 2012 right after my trip to Ireland ended. 

What medium do you use and why?

Acrylic paint on canvas board or sometimes canvas panel.  Acrylic paints are pretty colorful and dry a lot quicker to easily overlap paint stoke after paint stoke to give a painting more depth and detail. 

What artists inspire you?

Josephine Wall for her fantastic surrealism and fantasy worlds, Alex Grey for his excellent portrayal of interconnected reality and Bruce Timm for the way he beautifully draws and sketches the female form. 

What else inspires you?

The universe particularly hubble telescope photographs of the cosmos, nature, the human condition, people, animals, insects, dreams, science, quantum physics, metaphysics, astrology, inspiring stories, historical figures, fictional characters and many more. 

How long does it take you to finish a painting?  

For a small painting 16"X 20" or smaller in size a few weeks to nearly a month. Any painting bigger in size between one to three months. 

Do you listen to music while painting? 

Yes a lot of times classical music by John Williams, Arvo Part, Joe Hisaishi and many more kinds of random gender music I love listening to such as Devo, Billy Idol and many more. 

Why do to you paint and why these themes?

It's been my passion to draw and paint for a quite long time. I have had a couple of very different personal experiences through deep breathing and mediation so to speak that have changed the way I feel and perceive life around me.  Without going into much detail these experiences have spoken to me and said we are made of pure energy that the Kundalini force exists and that chakras exist.  My mother has had a great influence on my paintings themes as well.

For the longest time I have felt alone, disconnected, confused with overall existence and felt really disempowered throughout that difficult time.  My art is my way of not only feeling connected within myself but taking my power back.  We're living in a great age where we have the internet a massive tool that has never existed before in recorded human history yet there is still a lot of hopelessness, disempowerment and ironically plenty of spiritual disconnection to go around. I hope people take away that feeling of empowerment and deep connection in their lives and many more significant feelings and ideas with it when encountering my artwork.